Imagine how rewarding it would be to train and develop a deeper understanding of your favourite equine.

No matter the breed, sex, age or history of your horse, condition/response training method will help you gain confidence with your training and the ability to be safer and more in control of your horse.

Easy to Follow Program

Mohegan Equestrian Centre offers a safe and logical training program with lesson plans in:


  • Foal handling & show preperation – halter training for the weanling/yearling;
  • Developing the horse's attention/direction/speed;
  • Float training;
  • Exercises creating softness in the bridle;
  • Performance training for Dressage/Hacking/Western/Hunter
  • Showing in hand, halter
  • Solving ground & ridden problems – lack of respect; and
  • Teach the excitable and nervous horse calm down techniques.

Customised Lesson Plans

Providing you with the right lesson plan for your individual horse enabling you to reach your desired goals.


Whether your interests are trail riding or performance training, learn this kind, safe and natural way to communicate with your horse. He will offer you more attention and willingness.


Mohegan Equestrian Centre offers group and private lessons, and clinics and demonstrations.


Karen has many years of experience helping nervous adult and child riders to regain their confidence and trust in their horse. As you learn to understand and listen to your horse, armed with the safety and control techniques, your relationship with your horse will become a pleasure once again.


Contact Karen to learn more and let the partnership begin.