Camp Quality Xmas party



30th November, 2014
Thank you and your team for coming to see all the kids today at the Swan Yacht Club Fremantle, I know it was a high light for both of my kids.

Kaye Weguelin

Awesome and Rebel were super stars. Sweet and gentle for the Camp Quality Xmas party. Huge thank you to Mohegan’s and Karen White for donating their time for the sick kids. Thanks to Faye's Equine Costumes for the boys fantastic outfits!!! Thanks to Horselands Midland for donating towards the pressies and Dymocks Ellenbrook. The kids loved it. It brought a tear to the eye and a warm fuzzy feeling for being involved in such a beautiful event.


Thanks for letting me be part of the giving. Merry Xmas everyone may your family's be safe and well xoxox



Photos by Vicki’s photography


MTC Worksop “Emotional Horse & Rider”

5th June 2014.

The Mohegan Mascots – Caviar & Rebel


Another fantastic, fun filled and informative MTC workshop.  We were blessed with another gorgeous sunny day at Henley Brook.  All the ladies worked genuinely hard on controlling their own emotions as the traffic and obstacles challenged every rider.  As usual, the horses pretty much took everything in their stride proving that, human emotions are much more of the bigger picture when dealing with unexpected changes and challenges.  The horses that did have a reaction, calmed down quickly with controlling the horse’s feet with Karen demonstrating this over and over again.


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Karen White Horsemanship Clinic Tom Price

24th-25th May 2014.

What a fantastic Horse Club at the beautiful North West mining town, Tom Price. 

Wonderful facilities, and of course, perfect weather!!  All participants were exhausted at the end of the day but were all inspired when shown that leadership and assertiveness were an essential part of their horsemanship.


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My gorgeous angelic girl suffered Hypothyroidism diagnosed by my beautiful dear friend Maike Dorn.  Maike was Divas vet for most of her life and looked after her impeccably.  When I moved, I was lucky enough to find another amazing vet, Dr Barry, who came highly recommended and knew Maike too so we were extremely grateful that we were in such good hands.


 Divas symptoms started approximately 4 weeks ago when,  I thought, our very large 11 month old great Dane puppy “Caviar” may have been playing too roughly with the old girl, whom by the way, adored this puppy as her own.  It became apparent 2 weeks ago when I was coaching a ladies workshop that it wasn’t rough puppy play, this time it happened in front of us all as Diva followed me back to the house from the arena, she had a faint, went stiff and was in pain as she came the other side of this attack.  In shock and frightened beyond belief, a mercy dash to Dr Barry where he immediately got bloods off to pathology.  Dr Barry was very concerned, so I sat with my brave beautiful Miss Diva at Dr Barry’s until it was safe to take her back home to await her blood results.  It wasn’t good news, she was in need of an abdomen and chest ECG at Vet West, so off we go, trying to stay calm, but she had another attack in the car.  Vet West were wonderful, rushed her into the back to do what they needed, I waited pacing up and down thinking, “she is only 9, they don’t live long enough, how did this happen so quickly, Im not anywhere ready to say goodbye to my girl”.  I was in disbelief and not wanting to face the inevitable whatsoever. As we know 9 is old for a large breed but she certainly didn’t acted her age.


It was confirmed through the ECG that she had been experiencing small heart attacks not seizures.  She has belly extension but they don’t know why.  The blood results also indicated she was extremely anaemic which is an indication of disease or infection – which one was it?

Without doing extensive brain scans and body scans we wouldn’t know where the suspect was (tumour or the big “C” was the suspects) but, I decided to take her home, make her comfortable and just love her as much as possible. 


Her decline was rapid and so painful to have to make that final decision to let her go to the other side. 


She is looking over me with all the other family members let go over the years.  My bookshelf is getting rather full of little urns with pets names on them, one day we will all to be together again running that rainbow bridge as a family as we always did in this life.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you that knew how angelic, happy and gentle Miss Diva really was.  She truly loved everyone that met her.  Her most favourite thing was you would say “Kisses” and she would happily slobber all over your face.  Miss you big girl, fly free my angel, fly free xxx

Karen White

Mohegan Equestrian Park


Kate Martin So sad Karen, just wish they lived in human years but they pack a lot in, in their short time! All the best xx

Jade Wood Omg Karen! I'm so sorry. She'll be in happier place lots of love xoxoxo xoxox

Wendy Noone Big hugs to you xxxxx

Cathy Campbell She was loved and had a good life with you ... don't be too sad she has gone - try to be happy your life was blessed with her presence xxx

Kym Norwood Awe ... My thoughts are with u ... She was just adorable ... I'm so sorry for. Ur loss xxxx

Fiona Moir Sorry to hear that Karen big hugs xx

Andrea Dixon Much love xxxx

Roz Humphreys Sad day for you. Love and Hugs. XX

Alicia Harring Thinking of you, rip diva, she's gone to a better place now, and you gave her an amazing life xxx

Danielle Herbert So sorry to hear she is such a beautiful dog xx

Sasha Vost So sorry for your loss xx

Kirsty McDowall Much love to you Karen xx

Suzanne Lindsay Hugs and kisses Karen xo

Helen Luke Cerridwyn thought are with you’s never easy

Abigail Melia Xxxxxx

Michelle Walther so sorry love xxx

Greg Garvin Sorry to hear Karen

Roberta Meredith Hiskins We never get used to it. So sorry.

Nancey Deugd R.I.P Diva....

Warren Hardacre So sorry sis big hugs your way x

Michelle Lane So so sorry to hear. These wonderful dogs do come into our lives and leave a huge gaping hole in our hearts when they depart

Kathleen Chrisp So sorry to hear of your loss RIP Diva

Gitta Wright You are in my thoughts, Karen - I am feeling for you ... xoxox

Michelle Rae Awww sorry to hear this Karen. I know she was very special to you. Thinking of you. Xx

Amber Lee Poole Love to u xo Diva is at peace, huge hugs baby xo xo

Wendy Noone RIP Diva, Kaz lots of hugs xxxxxx

Susan Benthien sorry to hear you lost your special girl xxx

Kathy Price Aaaww sorry for ur loss Karen RIP Diva

Lesley Elder So sorry to hear Rip Diva xxxx hugs

Karen Davies Aaaaw sorry x

Rhonnda Thomas Always hard saying goodbye! I shall miss seeing her large self-lying on the veranda like the matriarch she was. So sorry Karen. c

Kay Kavanagh So sorry hugs from us and extra slobbery snogs from The Big Boy

Ian-Nikki Tomlinson Hugs Karen xx

Coralee James Oh poor Diva her life was a very spoilt one so sorry to hear this mum.x

Fleur Luanne Webber So sorry for your loss x

Ceanne Parker So sorry for the loss of Miss Diva love. She was a very special soul indeed. Lots of hugs to you xxx

Lis Cassey very sad for you all

Kim Gray Sorry to hear that Karen xx.

Stuart Nicholson You know how we feel

Amber Mills xo

Rena MacFarlane Rest in Peace, Diva. Love to all of your family that love you so

Dave Carey Sorry for your loss karen

Sally M Tung Awwww sorry Karen. Least she is at peace xoxoxox

Waibel Farm Appaloosa Horses We are sorry for your loss

Natalie D'Silva So sorry to hear Karen. You made a brave decision. Thinking of you at this sad time. Lots of love Xxxx

Kayla Noelle Foster-Brandt What a beautiful puppy she was! I am so sorry for your loss

Karen Baker I am sorry Karen remember all your good times together

Eleatha Beare So so sorry for your loss. Xxx

Claire Bingham-Hardacre So sorry for your loss, Diva was one special girl, such an awesome soul. Fly free gorgeous xx

Linda Leadbetter so sorry to hear this news Karen.

Becky Cook Hugs Karen White x

Jackie O'Loughlin-Clarke RIP Diva. Sorry for your loss Karen.

Crystal Dittmann So sorry Karen White!! Xx

Kylie Ward Love to you all. xxx RIP my beautiful girl.


“CAYUSE MIGHTY DUNCAN” A true legend Wednesday 5th February 2014

My very first Appaloosa Stallion 'Cayuse Mighty Duncan ‘ purchased in 1991 from Cayuse Appaloosa's Samantha Mcauliffe Manilla NSW, was put to rest Wednesday 5th February 2014 to meet the rainbow bridge. 


Duncan was a Multi-State Champion ridden and halter horse for many a year and sired successful foals in WA with his progeny still out there succeeding at their ridden careers.


He suffered cushions disease in his later life and it was advised by the vet he was now suffering and the decision had to be made.  Painful day indeed for everyone but in knowing he is at peace is what has to be remembered.  Very difficult to let a loved pet go which I am sure all of you out there reading this now, have experienced. 


Duncan, you were a legend and will remain that way, loved by so many people in Western Australia, so I thank you my boy, staunch, the best leader Awesome Storm your half-brother ever had to follow growing up as a colt, in constant watch over him.  Find your brother Muddy Waters now and watch over us with freedom and strength that is how I want to remember you.  Forever in my heart, forever remembered as a WA champion and friend to so many that had the pleasure of working with you when you career changed to helping people in your senior years.

Karen White

Mohegan Equestrian Park


Karens Journey!


To all my Equine friends, clients new and old and your truly amazing horse companions.
I would like to share just a sneak of what my Arizona journey was all about. One of highlights included spending time with the amazing Linda Kohanov, author of many books but one in particular, Power Of The Herd'. Linda is a co- founder of Epona Quest along with Shelley Rosenberg whom wrote the new release, ‘My Horses, My Healers'

I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to you Linda and her amazing herd.  It has been life changing, allowing myself a deeper sense of contentment.  It was the strongest connection I have ever experienced with Linda's Herd of teachers, yes teachers, in every sense of the word.  I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the amazingly gifted people I had the honour to draw strength from. I experienced profound answers within each moment spent with the herd that we were assigned to learn from. Moments shared with these beautiful animals showed us all a better way for leadership, respect, empathy, consideration, boundaries, and an understanding in relationships & family difficulties, abuse and trauma.  These horses gave to each of us what we needed in our personal & professional quests.  It was the highest of honours and privilege to work with them all. I was most fortunate to share my experience with BFF Melanie Gleeson whom I cherish and adore.  Thank-you for catching me when I lost my way emotionally in TUBAC. Your words have not left me, and your wisdom, humour and energy is a gift that you now know is desperately needed for future prospering Corporate Companies.
To my team mates, the amazing Mary-Beth Williams, practicing Psychologist and author of the PTSD Workbook and Life after Trauma.  Mary-Beth, you are my inspiration and I love you!!!  I can't wait to come to Virginia to do a clinic with you May 2014 and see your new ranch for all the V.E.T.S and ex-service people that have suffered terrible trauma through war. Debbie, you are my spirit sister, Reiki Healer and Teacher.  I can't wait to see you again.  John Skaggs, the only male amongst 12 women.  It was an honour to have the only male on our team.  Thank you for sharing your wisdom when I reached out for help. The three Texan gals, Margaret, Connie and Melissa, miss your energy terribly.  See you in May 2014 and let's get you here to Down Under in the very near future.  What amazing women you all are. I was in awe of you all.  Thank you to Jeannine, Carrie, Angela and Michelle. Even though I didn't get chance to spend a lot of time with you one on one as you were on different teams, you were always there ready for a shared hug & share your experiences with the herd. Each of you are amazing individuals showing a better way for humans and horses in your homeland USA.

I have certainly been rocking back and breathing-so many times every day-since my return.  I feel the power of the herd's deep connection within me and I am on the ‘Mission Road'. I am more determined than ever to share with each and every one of you how much more you can tap in to your natural intuition.

Linda's herd consists of many different breeds and majority are rescue horses, three of which I fell totally in love with called "The Spice Girls”.  One in particular called Savannah, was left to die in the desert and was found wondering endlessly, alone, deserted, hungry and thirsty.  She was an incredible teacher of inner strength, survival and leadership and it was she who reminded me of how far I have come in my own life with its struggles, twists and turns, put in front of each of us in some point in time, to challenge our every day journey of life.  The two younger mares of ‘The Spice Girls' were taken from their mother at birth as their mother was nothing more than a cruel, manufacturing machine of pregnant mare's urine to make HRT for pharmaceutical companies!  It was hard to comprehend what they had all been through and yet these gorgeous "SPICE GIRLS" were teachers of forgiveness, love and understanding, letting go of past experiences to enable the door to re-open, letting all guards down from sadness, abandonment and misfortunes. An experience imbedded in my soul forever.

The drug smuggling horse that was left to die after his aching, pain ridden body was no longer required to haul drugs from the Mexican border to USA.  He was beaten terribly, drugged and clearly affected by his human experience in more ways than one. I felt ashamed to be a part of the human race!!!  This wise old fella would no longer trust and was suspicious and protective with strong stallion tendencies to keep you out of his space. His distaste in us so evident in his body language, ears pinned back, evasive mannerisms, self-preservation, and often turning his hind quarter toward people as he felt a threatening sense of disloyalty creep back into his life. He was the extraordinary teacher of boundaries, personal space and to be truthful at all times or he would refuse to connect with you. His memories of humans were painful mentally and physically so it was imperative to show balance of strength and compassion when joining up with him. His message to me was," never suffer fools, overcome your inner pain and don't fear saying NO".  I tried not to allow his past affect me as a sad and painful cloud hanging over him. He didn't need sympathy; he needed strength through leadership, not pity. As I entered the round pen, his pain was vibrating out of his spirit like a magnetic wall of protection. Tears well in my eyes as I reflect back to that moment. He did not deserve this terrible atrocity but yet, he did not feel pity for himself.  He trusted me as I was conscious of breathing slowly, staying in the moment with him and being authentic to his presents and mine. After ten minutes had passed, this majestic boy allowed me to touch him, hold his head and love him for a moment in time.  That special gift he gave me will never leave my memory. Because of him, I now know it is ok to be strong and yet this weakness was a toxin for me in past relationships.

I have many more stories to share as these are just a few amazing, life changing ones, brought to me through what I call the herd, Spirit Horses. We are all aware of the beauty these animals have and give us on a daily basis.  Let us never forget what they give to us so as we never take them for granted.

Let the horse always be with you, mind, body & soul.
Love always,
Karen White

Mohegan Equestrian Park


Karen summers horse turned 35 today!

Our boy “Sheik” Yvonne has given him lots of chopped up carrots today. Thank you to Yvonne for the care and kindness she has showed him.


Riding pony X
13 years old
13.1hh (approx.)


In the time that we have had Maggie she has won our hearts in a big way. Maggie has come a long way! We bought her as a very, very green pony that hadn’t had a great deal of anything done to her. We started by having some professional education by Karen White. She had float training, ground work and ridden lessons. She has attended Pony Club for 2013 so far. We’ve taken her to Cross Country training days, Showjumping training days, many lessons and competitions, always coming home with a ribbon. She absolutely LOVES showjumping and is a little superstar… rarely refusing a jump. If there was a refusal it was usually because her rider wasn’t committed to the jump, not Maggie’s fault. She has competed up to 75cm so far but has huge potential to go further, easily clearing 85cm jumps at home. She is great out in the bush and is used to kangaroos, sheep, small and noisy toddlers and machinery. My daughter mostly rides her bareback in a halter at home.


She is forward moving and can be strong, especially out in the bush/cross country. She will get pushy on the ground if allowed, so for these reasons she needs an experienced rider/handler. She is very much a one person pony and bonds hard with her rider. She is very happy to be on her own, to the point that we paddock her separately now as she can turn into a dominating mare, even to her humans! She does need reminding who is boss sometimes.


She is good for the farrier and is currently barefoot as she has tough, pony feet.

She is a very good doer. She currently has one small hard feed a day and 2 biscuits of hay, as she has some pasture to eat since it’s winter.


She is very pretty with a long, thick, flowing forlock, mane and tail. We are always getting comments on how gorgeous she is. She is very honest and sensible. She is great to float, self loads and doesn’t move for the whole trip.


Maggie is for sale because my daughter is changing directions with her riding (polocrosse) and is also outgrowing her. This is a very difficult decision for us and we would keep Maggie if time and money permitted but, unfortunately, it doesn’t.


We are asking $4500 for Maggie which will include all her rugs and some gear. Price is negotiable, home is not. We want for nothing more than to find a great home for her where she is loved as much as she is loved here. We are in no rush to sell and will keep her here until a perfect home is found.

Located in Chidlow. Loads more photos on request

Kym Stokes
0439 526 510


Karen White is offering a 20% discount on her full range of; lessons, training sessions, group bookings and clinic bookings at ALBANY

Expressions of interest are sought by emailing Karen with a preferred weekend date (Fri, Sat, Sun)

The most popular weekend will be confirmed to all interested by return email - along with a request for you to nominate individual or group lesson, training issue and any preferred times.


Download Information PDF


Email Karen directly to make your booking – or call for enquiries


Karen White is offering all Face Book Equine People a 20% discount for May, June and July on her full range of lessons and training sessions. Karen has worked her training magic with many horses and people of all disciplines for 20 successful years


  • Karen's dressage clients report high levels of improvement in performance with collection, transitions, engagement, suppleness and self-carriage
  • Problem solving and behavioural issues are Karen's specialty
  • Equine Ball and agility course for variety, desensitisation and fun!


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Email Karen directly to make your booking – or call for enquiries

Toodyay District Horse and Pony Club unofficial gymkhana ...

A big congratulations to Chelsea Liley 16 years old and her gorgeous Arab mare Jess for their successful day at Toodyay District Horse and Pony Club unofficial gymkhana. 

Results are:

    1st place Show Jumping optimum time 45cm
    2nd place Ladies Galloway 14hh – 15hh
    3rd place lightweight 14hh – 15h
    3rd place lightweight 14hh – 15hh
    4th out of 12 riders Pleasure Hack Galloway 14hh – 15hh


Your smile is worth a million dollars Chelsea Girl!!

Karen White


Hoofbeats April EMag ...


Download PDF here

Kylie Patterson...

Hi Karen,


Carson is doing really well. He remembered a lot of what you taught him & he is pretty good on the lunge- he doesn't buck or try to go hooning J he just stops sometimes when he shouldn't haha


Look forward to you coming again!


Kind Regards,
Kylie Patterson

Northern Valley News Article...

Kids Xmas 2012

Hey Karen,


Thanks for a really enjoyable day today.


It was lovely to meet Some new friends and enjoy our horses with likeminded people. Shelby and I had a lovely time in your relaxed and patient environment And will certainly be coming back.


We look forward to your next event.


Jody Rangeview Stud


Rhonnda Thomas

thanks you for a most wonderful and fun morning.


Although this is only the second time Michael has been on our pony, he absolutely loved it and by the end he wanted to do more.


Wonderful thank you so much Karen White.


Serena and Belle

had a great morning at the Chrissie fun day.


Thank you Karen and we look forward to more. 

Serena can't stop talking about pony soccer!!


Agistment at Mohegan Equestrian park

When we purchased our weanling paint bred colt Coodj a few years ago one of our dilemmas was finding suitable Agistment where he could grow up with other youngsters in a herd environment. I contacted Karen White and visited her beautiful property in Chittering.


Karen has a great set-up and Coodj was able to grow up with other youngsters in large pastured paddocks and we had peace of mind knowing he was well looked after.

Maike Dorn


Leinster lessons

New Addition for Glenda...

I just wanted to thank you for all your help and to let you no i have found my new horse 11 year old buckskin QH 15hh called boofy.


We drove for 6 hour each way but think he will be a special also cheeky boy.


He was perfect on the float and has settled in already even my grumpy old mare is in love. Will be in touch later about some lessons.



love Glenda


Mohegan Equestrian Centre’s inaugural “Boot Camp”, held from Monday 24 to Friday 28 October was packed with action from go to whoa! The schedule was demanding but very interesting. Unlike an army training boot camp, this riding “boot” camp encompassed dynamic, holistic equine training, with the focus very much on the positive.

Monday morning started with Karen demonstrating in the round yard the importance of control and leadership and how to achieve connection with your horse through the “invisible rein”. Karen briefly put each rider’s horse through its paces and responded to any queries riders had about their horse’s behaviour. The session was very interesting and informative. That was followed in the main arena with some groundwork practice, further demonstration from Karen and riding training.

That evening, for variety, ……….held an UndercoverWear party after tea, which provided some of the riders with a chance to check out and/or buy some very attractive lingerie. Some participants also took advantage of Caroline’s Beauty Room, which was temporarily set up in Karen’s spare room for the duration of the camp. 

The next day we were introduced to Ros Maindock, who gave us a great explanation about the interrelationship between rider and horse balance, stability, core strength, rider position and so on. It was very worthwhile and, I’m sure it whetted riders’ appetites for more learning of rider-horse biomechanics. Complementary to the biomechanics workshop was a very informative and useful session with Ailsa Hopkins, aka ambo volunteer, on the importance of using our muscles correctly and the long-term health benefits if we do. There’s no doubt that we could all do with more workshops of this type to reinforce what we learnt and to keep us on the path to wellbeing.

On Tuesday afternoon riders got to watch Phil Ramsay while he did chiropractic work on their horses. Those who felt that their horses didn’t need it, watched and learnt a few techniques for stretching and relaxing their horses. It was another very informative and relevant session. He does a mean manipulation on you too, if you need it. Martin Dolinschek, who has branched out on his own from full-time veterinary work with Bullsbrook vet to specialise in horse dentistry, was available on the Wednesday to examine horses’ teeth, and he was kept busy for most of the afternoon.

Roberta Hiskins came on Thursday and talked about the importance of a correctly fitting saddle and assessed the saddles while the riders rode, and was able to make some very positive suggestions. Some riders were happy to learn that their saddles fitted appropriately and others were given sound advice about trialling different saddles to provide more comfort for their horse and/or themselves. The final non-riding session was an informative and a well-conducted demonstration by Kim Wallace on horse massage and the benefits of red light therapy. This session too was complementary to the biomechanics and chiropractic work.

Every day of the camp was different. Each day involved a lesson in the morning and afternoon and the supporting workshops, finishing up at the end of the day with a trail ride, firstly, to the gate a few times, and then, by the end of the week, a good hour’s ride out. It truly was a week of holistic and dynamic horsemanship learning.

Not all the participants stayed for the full week; some stayed for a night and some spent just a day there. The camp provided an opportunity to meet and mix with some lovely people with a common interest. Karen’s boundless energy and exceptional training methods kept us on our toes (and our horses) and provided us with a fantastic training camp.

Future camp-workshops will be held throughout 2012 in April, May and October.



Mohegan Vardas Megastorm was born on the 21 of November 2008, a beautiful red dun filly with unusual face marking and a personality to match.

Mum & I halter broke and watched her as she grew into a strong, cheeky woolly mammoth of a weanling.  She learnt quickly what was expected of her.

We starting showing her as a yearling her first big show was the Dilutes in Muchea with her father by her side for confidents Cayuse Awesome Storm took out the Supreme of Supreme.

More shows followed and it quickly became apparent that our filly was very special. Long hours of training by Mum ( Karen White ) and preparation by myself went into bring the best out of this easy going filly.

My partner Quentin and I have enjoyed the opportunity to have this wonderful filly in our lives, when we aren't showing Nevada, she loves going out on the trail surrounded by her family which includes her Uncle Duncan, Awesome and Meg.


I would like this opportunity to thank you mum, who has dedicated her time training me and Nevada to get the best out of both of us and to believe that anything is possible with hard work and dedication.  Nevada & I have won every class she has attended including State Champion Filly at Perth Regional Appaloosa Club.





I just wanted to say thank you soo much for helping me arrive at this place with Tinkerbelle! 


You are amazing!
Dionne Barnes


Well after a year off, due to health issues, it is now time to get the whip cracking and conquer the New Year that is 2011.

After enduring significant knee problems over the last 3 years, I "bit the bullet" and finally had a successful partial knee reconstruction.  Of which I am now cleared to ride, within reason and which I am sure will make for an exciting and "pain free" year ahead.


The new 2011 Mohegan Clinic Schedule is almost complete, so keep a lookout on the website over the up and coming weeks for that and please don't hesitate to drop me a line if you have any clinic suggestions you would like to see more of in the future.  The Emotional Horse & Getting Back In The Saddle Clinics have been a huge success in the past.


The Mohegan Picture Gallery will soon be updated also, with snaps of all of the recent goings on and shenanigans.

Whilst I was laid up in knee recover, I took the opportunity to commence studies into the Equine Assisted Psychotherapy program with EAGALA, of which I am very excited and of which I will be working hard toward gaining accreditation to with more studies to come in Sydney this year. 


Check out EAGALA's website


Over the years I have used my own horses as a similar concept/therapy with The Cancer Kids at PMH and I have always found how healing the horses are naturally.  I am hoping in the coming years that this training will be a bigger focus for me and with the assistance of the EAGALA, who are tirelessly working to cut through the "red-tape" to be recognised as an alternative therapy, to incorporate rebates.


I hope everyone has had a great new beginning to 2011 and I am looking forward to bigger and much better things this year for me and all of you out there.


Best wishes
Karen White & all the Mohegan Horses