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I am excited and proud to introduce to our Mohegan team of healing – Tania P. 

Tania started upon her Spiritual journey in her early 40s which wasn’t something Tania chose but she was the gifted chosen one.


Tania says, ‘I started seeing spirits and having definite spiritual experiences. This led me on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual discovery, reading, meditating and spending time in nature and other like-minded people and spending time with animals. I know that my purpose in this life is to help others heal and to reconnect with their true Devine nature and to their creator”


At Mohegan we have introduced Tania’s MEDITATION class prior to riding every Friday at 9.30am. Enjoy a relaxing guided meditation before you’re riding session, it will help you connect with your horse on a spiritual level. - Becoming as ONE. It will help you connect you with your authentic self! All you need to bring with you is a willingness to let go and breathe.


For Friday “healing with Horses “bookings please Email karen@karenwhite.com.au or kmohegan@gmail.com Phone after 7pm – 0419 984 367

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Pablo's Story

After purchasing a spritely 2 year old appaloosa gelding, with the aim of having him broken in and then I'd do the rest, I soon came to realise that I no longer have the nerves of steel like in my youth, nor did my years of riding experience mean that I had the experience to start a youngster.  I also noticed that my cheeky boy had a few sneaky tricks up his sleeve, which I really had no idea on how to deal with.  My concern was that if I did something wrong it could teach him worse habits and make things worse.  After considering my options I decided to seek some professional help. 


I started searching for a suitable trainer and not knowing anyone currently in the industry I had no idea of where to start.  This was when I came across Karen's Mohegan Equestrian website.  After exploring the site, which explained about making a connection with the horse and having a structured approach to training, I felt this was what I was looking for.

Karen has been such a great help to me and my horse.  We attend regular clinics and training sessions and with Karen's advice and mentoring Pablo is coming along so well.  The benefit of taking my young horse to Karen's, which means taking him away from his paddock friends, is that this he gets to experience different things and different horses all while under the watchful eye of Karen.  Karen explains everything clearly and is so patient with the horse and rider, never trying to push the horse into something they're not ready for.  


I feel the foundation training of any horse is so crucial to the success and happiness of your horse, no matter what discipline you chose.  I recommend the horsemanship training that Mohegan Equestrian offers, whether you have a young horse you are starting or just need to re-tweak some little quirky things from a more experienced horse, Karen can help you all whilst being in a fun and safe environment. 


Thank you Karen for all that you do!! xxx

Donna Harris

I gave up riding and sold my pony when my first son was born due to the cost and time restraints. 

Seven years later I found my pony back on the market, I was ecstatic and bought her back. I put her out on spell for years while my family was living in North West Western Australia.

Fast forwarding to my pony coming up north to live with us, was indeed the best six months of my life.

She taught my boys everything she could in those six months until her tragically and suddenly died. We still mourn her as she was part of our family unit and she taught me that my life is horses!
I am so blessed to have a husband who now knows without a doubt that I need horses for my soul and my teenage boys are just as in love.

A special lady, Karen White got me back in the saddle and picked me up when my life crumbled after losing my twenty year old pony and can’t thank her enough.

If you become lost through tragedy, Karen White is not only an amazing trainer but she is much more than that.  Spiritual, empathetic, and from the soul.  She really cares about your horse and you, it changed my whole family.


Much Love
Donna Harris

Margaret, Ron & Spike

We bought Spike, our Gypsy Cob/Welch C as a harness pony.  He was 5 years old, broken to harness but was young, green and did not have much training.  My husband and I planned to use him for carriage driving but we also intended to have him put to saddle.  Spike was sent to a professional trainer to be put to saddle but I found out fairly quickly that I was not knowledgeable enough to train Spike myself.  My husband was a novice carriage driver at that time and really enjoyed driving with our older pony.  We had a few people who rode Spike for us but nobody lasted very long as Spike was so difficult to ride, he knew exactly how to turn people away.


The ponies were ajisted in a paddock close to home which had a training track and Spike was put in the carriage as often as we could manage.  We moved again to a paddock on a property with a 1.6 km track around the boundary on which we could drive.  We were training the ponies in carriage and whenever possible getting a friend of ours to come in and ride Spike but we never knew what we were going to get.  It would always depend on how Spike was feeling.  He totally had us under his control.  Spike needed some form of training but we were unsure which way to go.  His behaviour was the most important thing to change so we decided to leave the carriage and consentrate on saddle work.


It just so happened at that time the property owner was organising a workshop with horse trainer Karen White and asked if we were interested in taking part.  I went home and started researching.  I could not believe I had never found the Mohegan Training Centre website before.  I read everything on the website and decided there and then Karen White sounded like the person we needed for Spike.  Spike did an Oscar winning performance on the day of the workshop proving how bad his riding behaviour was.  Karen suggested we send him to boot camp at Mohegan for basic training and I have to say we have never looked back.  Two weeks in boot camp and then taking Spike in for regular training for the last 11 months we have a completely different pony.  There is now a light at the end of the tunnel and it is getting bigger and brighter every day.  Spike has now gone back into the carriage with great success.  Even our rider friend has started having riding lessons with Karen on Spike.  Children and adults ride him and there is always someone willing to jump in for a carriage ride.


Spike is about to turn eight and it is fantastic to watch him working now.  Karen has done a brilliant job getting Spike to where he is.  We cannot thank you enough and highly recommend Karen’s training methods.  We have seen the results first hand and watched as she works her magic on the horses and the riders that pass through Mohegan Training Centre. 


Karen you are the best.

Margaret, Ron & Spike

Kerry & Lady

“I needed my QH Filly broken in ASAP to go to her new home. I found Karen and loved the way she worked her horses. I booked Lady in and after 3 short weeks I was given back a little super start of a horse. On her 1st ride out on the road with me around busy Middle Swan traffic, she was fantastic couldn’t ask for a better-behaved horse. Karen put excellent foundations in for her new owners which will help her excel. After only 21 hours riding under her belt she was soft in the mouth and very quiet to ride.

Excellent communication throughout the whole training time and very reasonably priced.

Thank-you Karen.”

Sharyne & Lauryn

Our journey to Mohegan:

Let me introduce us.  Me Sharyne – non horsey Mum but prepared to get my hands dirty.
Lauryn – our 14 yo daughter at this time.  Horse crazy since 6 yo.


We are not a horsey family, apart from our daughter.  After 8 years of riding lessons we purchased her a horse.  We had him on trial for 10 days and had help and guidance from the riding school.  He was perfect for our precious daughter so we bought him.  He was not cheap!


Then approx. 2 weeks later we saw him spook and bolt.  He proceeded to take our daughter over 8 jumps in the jump arena.  What caused that????   We had no idea.  Then these started to increase.  Instructors advised Lauryn was gripping with her leg and had to relax.  We worked on that.  We went to Pony club, with only minor spooks.  We had way more good days than bad, but occasionally he would spook and bolt.  Amazingly she stayed on all the time.


Then 6 months after we purchased him Lauryn attended a dressage training day at SEC.  It was windy and trees were losing branches.  Lauryn entered arena,  they went half way around and Tom (our horse)   tripped over his own foot, frightened himself and took off, from A and by X Lauryn had pulled him up.  I thought no great drama, he does this stuff all the time.   BUT, big drama.  What I did not realise is that Toms bolt set of horse doing test in neighbouring arena.  That horse left the arena,  bolted into warmup area scattering all the horses and then took his rider over the fence and deposited her on the other side.  Resulting in a few warmup riders coming off their horse. 


Fortunately apart from bruising no major injuries.


Lauryn was then advised by the instructor, that Tom was a dangerous horse and was banned from any open areas of the SEC, until she and he mastered the ‘one rein stop’.

As I am not horsey I asked if instructor could teach Lauryn ‘one rein stop’ and was told ‘NO’ she is banned from here now so can’t teach her!

Can you imagine the emotions going through my pubescent daughters head?  She was both mortified and embarrassed and I could see since being told Tom was dangerous she was losing confidence day by day.  I had to do something and FAST!


Hello Google!  I searched for trainers as her riding school had said they did not know how to do ‘one rein stop’ as they never needed it.  Asked Pony Club and they ‘don’t believe in it???????.  So I sent off a number of enquiries also stating what the challenge was.  ONLY ONE got back to me.  Karen White of Mohegan.  Not only did she get back to me,   she knew Tom and his previous owner!  She knew exactly what the problem was.  Well no brainer we were there on Saturday!


Wow after just one session, Lauryn came away a changed girl!  Karen knew first she had to get Lauryn feeling confident before and while addressing Mr Tom and his sensitive nature.  I will let Karen tell you about the training and development.  However,  Karen not only works the horse actually she first starts with the rider.   Lauryns personal development as a result of her training with Karen has significantly improved her self confidence!  She is a different girl.   The other amazing part is Karen taught Lauryn that she needs to keep her emotions in check.  This has been an enormous benefit as I am now ill with cancer and Lauryn is challenged but coping with it very well.  18 months ago Lauryn was a normal emotive teenager.  Now I have a very balanced girl who is coping with all our family challenges and helping me enormously.


Karens training has gone far beyond the horse and has helped our entire family.  Due to Karen’s encouragement and training I now ride regularly too,  able to share experiences with Lauryn.


Hi Karen.

I just left a text message. My name is Jagoda. I wanted to talk to you about possibly having a lesson this weekend. I found your website and intuitively got drawn to it. I’m in need of some time in nature. I also feel reconnecting with my teenage hobby in a safe and nurturing environment that you seem to provide, would be just the right thing. Please let me know how you run things and what would suit you.

I used to ride as teenager in Europe. Some forest riding and basic jumping but it has been 20yrs... Am a bit nervous but excited.

Warm regards, Jagoda

Karen. Thank you so so much. You and Klay are beautiful people. I hope to see you again. Big big hugs and I had a blast with Roberta. She is divine! Blessings Jagoda


ZHave you ever had that feeling….you know the one, you are going today to pick up your new horse – stable ready, new water bucket, feed bucket, new rugs and of course, new halter!!!! Contained excitement brewing as you drive into the gate with your float ready to give this new horse lots of love and attention – little do you realise this wild horse, who has not had human contact, has been in a 300 acre paddock for 3 years is not on the same page at all – deflation ensues upon realisation that the handful of ‘smoochies’you have come armed with are not really going to make any impact on this horse…..she would need 4 feet on the ground for starters, HOLY CRAP – what have we agreed to.

After a harrowing 2 hours said horse was exhausted from resisting arrest that she got on the float and munched from a self constructed hay net (ute net) as we, the unprepared new owners hadn’t thought of a food reward for the float journey. Now Frankie, once on the float, floated like a dream, not stressed, not moving, happy with her lot…..

HOME – fantastic, everyone pat each other of the shoulder, but now what!!!!

We needed an expert to guide, not only Frankie, but us so that we could get the floating experience sorted – Frankie will be a competition showjumper once she has learnt the basics, so she needs to be able to go on and off the float with ease – nothing worse than being the last person to leave a show because your horse does not want to get on the float – been there, done that, not interested in drinking the cool-aid anymore.

Everything with this horse, as she is 16.3hh and still only 3 and the first halter was put on her in March 2016.   We have decided to take a slow but precise approach with – she is a chestnut mare and if you try to pick a fight with her – YOU LOSE (simple), so we have had 3 floating lessons with KAREN WHITE of MOHEGAN EQUESTRIAN & HEALING.

1st lesson – OMG, OMG, OMG, sweaty horse, sweaty handlers – this is going to be tough
2nd lesson – OMG, make me!!! Oh, you made me and it’s not so bad – on/off/on/off/on/off – sorted.

  • Take Frankie to a free-jumping day, float loading was ok – got her there and back fine but still needs a little more confidence building.

3rd lesson – Haven’t been on the float for about 4 weeks, forgotten almost everything so fight, fight fight for the first 5 minutes then happily on/off/on/off/on/off – standing happily in between loads. Great progress, this horse is very reactive and also lacks confidence, Karen is giving us the tools required to make this a good experience for Frankie.

Now, we are still not out of the woods and we need to have a little more float training but this horse has been amazing, she has gone from rearing and being terrified to being a bit nappy at worst – she loves attention, she loves human contact and she loves to be guided to do the right thing. She doesn’t have any dirt in her she just had NO idea what was coming – how would she!!


We cannot thank Karen White enough for all her patience and gentle persistence and leaving us scared in the brain for life with this quote

It has become our mantra on the occasions when the red head wants to be the boss!!!!
Frankie has gone from Frankenstein to Frankstar and her future is looking very bright – next stop, showjump training – HELP!!!!!

Jennie & Kayla Adamson

Andrea & Angel

Gosh where do I start with our journey…. We ended up at Karen’s after getting what we thought was the prefect word of mouth “free” horse for our teenage daughter.


However, it become apparent rather quickly that she was too much horse for our daughter and so I took her on as my own.


I rode extensively as a child in New Zealand, but stopped riding when we moved to Australia… 24 years ago.


My beautiful new *shiny* thoroughbred mare of 16 years was gorgeous with impeccable ground manners but unfortunately once that saddle went on she would get very nervous, chomping at the bit, jiggy and incredibly “hot”. Those that saw her under saddle described her as “dangerous” and “explosive”.


But I could see the potential in her so I tried, in vain, to teach her to relax.


I loved on her with carrots and pats, I enlisted the services of red light therapists, Chiro’s, saddle fitters, dentists, farriers, I gave her Magnesium, brought her new soft rubber bits, worked on her ground manners but nothing I tried made a difference… Where I excelled in persistence and love I lacked in experience and knowledge.


I was nearing defeat…. ENTER Ms. Karen White!


After a few phone conversations with Karen we made the decision to move Angel to Karen’s property for re-education. It was our last ditch effort at making things work.


Karen took a comprehensive look at Angel and everything that encompassed her and devised a training plan as well as a new diet plan to help Angel on her new journey to relaxation. When the plan didn’t quite go-to-plan, Karen tweaked things to get the best out of Angel, explaining along the way what she was doing and why and then teaching me the techniques she was using so that I could confidently continue with Angels re-education.


Angel is now back home and that was only made possible because of the skills Karen has taught me and the re-education Angel has received and although Angel will always be my nervous nelly she has gone from an anxiety riddled girl to a beautiful more relaxed pleasure mount where we are now both able to enjoy our time under saddle.


I can confidently say that Angel will now live out the rest of her life years in a loved, nurturing and calm home and that truly is all thanks to Karen which was by no means an easy feat when you take into account my 24-year hiatus from riding and Angel’s previous history as a OTTB, polo cross, barrel racing, endurance racing, trail riding mount!


Oh and did I mention, Karen also taught me how to safely float my girl… so now we are mobile… look out world, Andrea & Angel are on the loose!

Kelsey & Apollo

I was having issues with my 5month old rescue colt Apollo when I first contacted Karen. I have horses but had never dealt with a foal. He was getting aggressive at feed time and was also getting more difficult to catch. I was not only concerned for my own safety but my children’s, I was in way over my head.


When I first contacted Karen I asked if she could come to my place to show me how to deal with Apollo. Karen offered to take Apollo for a week of training as it was a cheaper alternative. At this point I realised Karen was different to other horse trainers I had dealt with in the past, as it wasn’t all about the money and her calming, understanding and positive nature put me at ease instantly. Karen also offered to pick Apollo up for free and return him as I didn’t have a float.


On top of this Karen also offered to take him to the vets, while he was in her care, so he could have his fetlock examined, as this was the reason he was going to be slaughtered and I wanted to make sure I was doing the right thing in regards to his future. I met Karen at the vets and thankfully all went well. Karen offered to keep Apollo on for further training, all future training and fundraise for him, all free of charge. After fighting to rescue Apollo Karen restored my faith in the horse world and humanity. Two months on and Apollo is still with Karen, who is doing an AMAZING job with him. I can’t thank Karen enough.


Karen has a heart of gold and I am now privileged to call her mine and Apollos friend.    

Lexy Lu

My name is Lexy.

15 years ago I was forced to rehome my horses and move to the city to take over the family business. In 2011 I decided to re-ignite my dream of owning Paints and learning the ins and outs of breeding, showing, handling and horsemanship. I was forever taking bits and pieces of skills from several different sources and steering my way through with sheer determination and a little bit of luck. It was great when I was winning at a show or did something on my own – the success was an addiction. 

The truth was, I constantly felt that I was lacking direction, focus courage. The worst part, I felt my horses were not getting - or going to get - the best out of life because of my lack of education to further their training and to give them a life under saddle.

I found Karen through her website. I picked up the phone and after having our first conversation I felt the drive in me light up! I looked up at the ladder and the rungs were not broken anymore. Karen came out for a consult with my 2 yr old colt and gave me the confidence to stand up for myself – not just with him, but with everything I was dealing with in life.

I’ve cried, I’ve laughed and Karen has helped me climb that ladder and been there for me every step of the way. I now have a safe and supportive place to train, gain confidence and learn new skills. Karen breaks things down for me so I understand what I am doing and can apply the fundamentals in my every day training. The horses love the exposure to new things with clinics, all the different animals and also out training on the trail. I’ve been taught the skills to help them through the tough situations and to trust in me.

Lastly, making new friends. The people I meet through Mohegan Training and Healing centre have always been supportive, non judgemental and always there to lend a hand. Whether it is with the horses or a kind ear to listen.

Thankyou Karen, I have learnt more in 3 weeks training at your centre, that I have in 3 years.

 I look forward to many happy years training at your centre.


I just wanted to say thank you so much for today. I immediately felt safe as soon as I drove in. Everyone has such a beautiful energy and it was so comforting knowing I was able to just be. It's been a long time since I have felt that "safe" feeling I forgot what it was like. Sitting and just being on Awesome felt so peaceful, it's like I felt at home. I went for a long walk when I got home and thought about everything you had said. It's like everything I have ever learnt or done has been blocked out and I doubted myself. I need to trust and be confident in myself.

Elliot really taught me tonight that I need to be the leader and its ok to be assertive and to do that I need to be present, confident and not second guessing myself. I feel like I got more out of this afternoon than I have over the last 4 months of intensive therapy. I'm so ready for this new chapter and I feel very blessed to have you part of it



Dee Harley

I have been going to Karen Whites - Mohegan Equestrian and Healing Centre for the last year and couldn't recommend her enough to people.

After having a long break from riding due to family - I purchased Harley and started looking for a trainer and thankfully I came across Karen- she is an absolute gem! Not only a great help with getting me riding again but looking forward to what I can achieve in the future and how to have fun and really enjoy a connection with Harley.

Karen always has something different happening at every lesson for all horses and riders level - it can be a little bit daunting but Karen has a natural way of tapping into your inner strength you didn’t know you had or just suppressed due to losing confidence/ falls or for any number of reasons.
Karen White is the most natural horse women and can help with any issue - in any discipline that you may be having with your Equine friend. I can guarantee you will leave your lesson laughing, feeling more confident and achieving something you probably wouldn't even try elsewhere.


I would like to thank you Karen White for all your help over the last year xx

Sasha Rose

I first came across Karen when I was about 10 years old. I lacked a lot of confidence not only in the saddle, but around horses in general. I loved horses dearly and wanted to overcome my issue.

Karen taught me how to ride and beat my fear on her beautiful mare, Sunny.


When I was ready, she helped my family and I get my first pony, Holly. Teaching not only myself but my mum how to care and look after our own horse. I eventually got to the point where Karen advised I no longer needed lessons and that I was ready to be on my own with my pony. From there memories were made.


I moved onto a faster mount, Riddy, a Grey Welsh Mountain. I attended Swan Valley Pony club and competed in Games, Hacking, Show jumping and some Cross Country. My confidence went through the roof and my pony and I were unstoppable. Once Riddy retired, I rescued a Standardbred and we ended up competing in Pony Club. Mostly doing hacking and pleasure rides.  Many fond memories were made with these ponies/horses, and none of it would have been possible if it weren’t for Karen.


At 16 I gave up horses for seven years due to work and young adult life. I hoped I would run into Karen again one day.


I was 23 when I decided to get back into horses again, but all my confidence was gone. I had nothing. I was back to square one again and needed help. Thankfully, I came across Karen again.

Karen helped me deal with my nerves and overcome my fear of “what might happen”.  She even helped my find my ideal mount, Spiderman. I purchased Spiderman and we became a team. Spiderman had some trust issues and Karen has helped me and Spider work through this.
Both Spider and I have come so far with Karen. We have now competed in Hacking, Western Pleasure and Reining. We have placed in every class at every show. I did close to no training prep for my reining show due to work commitments. Karen rode Spiderman the day before the show and trained me (and Spider) how to do Pivot’s and Rollbacks. We competed at the show the next day and I came home with a THIRD. Spider felt amazing from Karen’s work. That is simply amazing. In one training session, Karen made a remarkable difference. Karen, I can’t thank you enough.


Karen is one in a million. She has such an amazing touch, not only with horses, but with people as well. She has helped me so much emotionally, and has taught me to become the rider that I dreamed of. Karen’s training methods have been amazing for Spiderman, he has become an amazing mount and his trust gets better day by day.


Thank you Karen for all your hard work, dedication and kindness. There is only one Trainer out there that I trust, and who makes a difference for both horse and rider, Karen White.

Sharyne & Lauryn Alberts

In just one session Karen managed to change our daughters 'self-belief' about her and her horse. It is now just 4 months later and it is just such a pleasure to hear from people how much Lauryn has developed confidence in her riding and in her relationship with her horse. Lauryn has been exposed to so much variety in her training with Karen, giving her a much broader range of experience.


Thank you to both Karen and Jamie.


Karen White of Mohegan & Jamie Dobson helped with training not only my pony, but myself in steps to have my horse loading on the float confidently. Not only did they help with that, but, helped with the overall ground work for that to happen. You are kind and calm Karen, I’m so glad I found out about Mohegan.


Lili and I also had our first show since the float training and she loaded beautifully and was attentive to what I was asking from her. From the overall training, she stood beautifully all day and didn’t start getting pushy or impatient, which led to her being a lot more successful in the ring! :)


Thank you so much,
Courtney O’Keefe & Lily

Rachael Merry

I have always loved animals but was not lucky enough to grow up in a ‘horsey’ home.


After thinking about learning to ride for a long time (15 years) I started lessons. Unfortunately the horse that I was learning on was not a match for me and after a couple of nasty falls my confidence was shaken and I again postponed my dream of learning to ride.

After a couple of months I decided to give it another go and that is when I found Karen. I did not realise just how nervous I had become of sitting on a horse until my first lesson. Karen was wonderful. She really slowed things down for me which was exactly what I needed. She has shown me that riding isn’t just about looking good and going fast on a horse, it is about finding a connection with the horse and working together, and that when you find this “magic happens”.

I now look forward every week to a lesson or workshop with Karen and all the great people that ride at Mohegan. Although I can still get very nervous, I have learnt the techniques to calm myself and my horse so I can push through the nerves and enjoy riding which is what I wanted all along.

For the non horse owner such as myself (oneday!) Karen provides lovely horses to learn on. Being a heavier rider I was told by quite a few places before finding Karen that their horses would not be suitable, this has definitely not been the case at Mohegan. I have ridden a variety of horses there and even developed a favourite, the gorgeous Pebbles. Karen also teaches lessons about all aspects of horse ownership which includes a lot of groundwork which I actually enjoy as much as the riding. I feel that when I do finally buy a horse of my own I will be much better equipped to handle this.

It is hard to put into words all the great things about riding at Mohegan. The atmosphere is definitely a positive one with riders of all levels riding together and encouraging each other to push themselves and their horses under guidance with a massive emphasis on safety.

I would encourage anyone reading this who is wanting to learn to ride to DO IT, life’s too short to not be living your dreams. Thanks for everything Karen and much love to everyone at Mohegan xxx.


Rachael Merry

My journey so far with “Dream Horse” Comet

It all began  February 2015 when I was blessed enough to buy my dream horse. A black 4yr old 17hh Shire X. He is magnificent. But as they say, love is blind! I was lead down that garden path, of believing this horse was everything, so I was told! No, that was not true. And I had yet that to learn!!
Not only had I brought home the horse of my dreams, but a horse with no confidents in himself and his surroundings.
It was upsetting.

This is where I found Karen White. And what a breath of fresh air, thank god lol
I gave Karen a call and told her where I was at with my horse and where he was at and what "we" were after as a team. And my goodness it was so easy to talk to Karen.
Not even a week later after bringing Comet home, we met Karen and she took comet on for 2 weeks training. Comet had huge progress and I got to understand a lot more about him.
And OMG!! That feeling to ride your "dream horse" for the first time is the most amazing feeling ever!

It’s now September, we have had  our ups and downs, as in me,  wanting to sell him. I put it in the too hard basket, as he was spooky and untrusting and I wanted it all now and so on……….
Life was also getting in the way,  having 2 young children and me trying to bring on my other horse which is otttb (which also comes to Karen’s). I was falling into a massive heap feeling overwhelmed. Though all this, Karen has never been more than a phone call away! And thank god.

I really think now Karen has saved a special relationship between me and comet. He has such trust in me and me with him. I have learnt so much about patience and understanding from Comet through Karen’s coaching.

Karen suggested I put him out to chill for a while, for us to bond and really get to know each other.
We still continued  groundwork and had my weekly lessons with both my horses. (But Comet was more fun time/bonding) But today 15/9/15 blew my mind. I had a lesson on comet today after no saddle work for 7weeks and wow,wow,wow!! He was so confident and chilled out today which was totally amazing!! It was wonderful to be riding him again. And I myself was relaxed! (Well towards the end, after Karen beat it out of me to have trust in my horse LOL!!

Karen has taught me a lot as a rider and a leader for my horses, bond and trust plays a huge part in a human and horse relationship. I would be truly lost without her…….. But mainly from day dot she has made me and family feel so relaxed and comfortable that Karen now cannot get rid of us!!


I’m so happy that Karen will be a huge part in my future riding adventures with both my big steeds.


Much love Jaye King - Bullsbrook

Videos @ Mohegan









"Porky" December 2016

I'm sorry I didn't get chance to hold you again our little 'Porky'

Miss you already
Coming home won't be the same without you there.

Heavens gates await you.
Bye bye my favourite ole man

Thank you to all your warmth and love, we've all lost pets and it never gets any easier.
Grumpy ole Porky will be forever remembered by everyone that knew and met him - for different reasons lol

He was a character!
Bless him
He was special from the moment I moved in with Adrian,
He'd never been spoilt, so, that was what I was good at!!
Soft beds
Doggy pamper days
Kisses and cuddles.
Porky was brought up as a farm dog by Adrians dad
Was taught to guard the property
A significant loss for Adrian Smith, end of an era.
Along comes Kaz and turns Porkys life upside down, and he lapped it up.
People coming and going, clientele, friends, family.
Love him to pieces

He was a gorgeous, affectionate ole fella that he and I connected and loved each other from our very first meeting.

Caviar is going to miss teasing her ole mate


Karen White

Mohegan Equestrian Park



My gorgeous angelic girl suffered Hypothyroidism diagnosed by my beautiful dear friend Maike Dorn.  Maike was Divas vet for most of her life and looked after her impeccably.  When I moved, I was lucky enough to find another amazing vet, Dr Barry, who came highly recommended and knew Maike too so we were extremely grateful that we were in such good hands.




I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you that knew how angelic, happy and gentle Miss Diva really was.  She truly loved everyone that met her.  Her most favourite thing was you would say “Kisses” and she would happily slobber all over your face.  Miss you big girl, fly free my angel, fly free xxx


Karen White

Mohegan Equestrian Park


RIP Duncan a True Legend

My very first Appaloosa Stallion 'Cayuse Mighty Duncan ‘ purchased in 1991 from Cayuse Appaloosa's Samantha Mcauliffe Manilla NSW, was put to rest Wednesday 5th February 2014 to meet the rainbow bridge. 


Duncan was a Multi-State Champion ridden and halter horse for many a year and sired successful foals in WA with his progeny still out there succeeding at their ridden careers.


He suffered cushions disease in his later life and it was advised by the vet he was now suffering and the decision had to be made.  Painful day indeed for everyone but in knowing he is at peace is what has to be remembered.  Very difficult to let a loved pet go which I am sure all of you out there reading this now, have experienced. 


Duncan, you were a legend and will remain that way, loved by so many people in Western Australia, so I thank you my boy, staunch, the best leader Awesome Storm your half-brother ever had to follow growing up as a colt, in constant watch over him.  Find your brother Muddy Waters now and watch over us with freedom and strength that is how I want to remember you.  Forever in my heart, forever remembered as a WA champion and friend to so many that had the pleasure of working with you when you career changed to helping people in your senior years.


Karen White

Mohegan Equestrian Park



Well where does one start!!


Muddy was born on the 25th August 1993. It was cold, wet and windy and at 7.15am that morning , he took his first steps. I couldn't believe this little fella was a Leopard Colt and ever so cute and curious. So the name came about as he was born in mud and water – "Mohegan Muddy Waters".



Muddy became the challenging child. He lacked confidence and would general spook at his own shadow. His first show at the State Equestrian park as a 2 year old was quite hilarious. I entered him into the Trail which is judged on obstacles and expression. Well Muddy did the whole course with flying colours, but with extreme excessive expression on every obstacle. You would have thought it was a mine field the way he willingly did every obstacle from trot poles that you would have thought were going to eat him at any moment, to the bridge which, if he was a dragon would have had fire expelling from his nostrils, the side pass, back up and the gate were just as frightening to my Muddy. Of course everyone in the audience including myself and the judge just had to crack up laughing as we finished and completed the course without error, but a huge amount of excessive emotion on Muddy's part. So this was My Muddy Boy's personality. He was much braver than he gave himself credit for but we had to develop this through consistent training and damn hard work.



Muddy was shown successfully at a young age from Western through to Dressage and then became my main demonstration horse at many clinics from South of WA to North of WA. He did the Equine Expo's at Brigadoon and Ascot Race Course with finesse and confidence, which was hard for people to believe what hard work he was to get him there. He adored people and all the attention that came with his success and I must say, he would pose for the camera and really know how to ooze that incredible personality that he was gifted with.



All people that knew Muddy could feel how special he was with his forgiving nature and patience, helping people on his part to teaching people how a horse really thinks. He was a legend in so many ways. We were partners in our mission of teaching and helping horse's and people alike. He was the Mohegan ICON. He was my best friend & business partner.



Sunday 24th June 2007.
8am – it started quite suddenly. From eating his breakfast to dropping to the ground in agonizing pain. Off to Murdoch Equine Centre we go. The surgery showed that Muddy had an unusual gap between his stomach and spleen. We will never know if he was born with this or if it happened that morning. Twenty foot of small intestine fell through this gap and began to caused major complications. A very rare misfortune. He was put to rest coincidentally at 7.15pm Sunday evening. His job was done here on Earth and short lived at only 13 years old but he lives on in our hearts and will never be forgotten. I miss him terribly.


To all of you that have lost a loved horse, my heart goes out to you. The relationship we create with our horses is quite spiritual and special in so many ways.


This collage is a small part of Muddy's life and I hope you enjoy these few pictures as we do in his memory.

May the horse be with you,
Karen White